25 Sep 2007, 00:00

Extract Data From Wordnet

Get a word’s definition(s), synonyms and hyponyms (related words) using perl and WordNet. The word must be specified as a command line argument, but the script could easily be modified to use an html parameter.

What you need:

  1. Download and Install WordNet
  2. Download and Install this Perl interface by Jason Rennie
  3. Download this Perl Script:
  4. usage: perl wordnet.pl word

    #!/usr/bin/perl -w  
    use strict;  
    use warnings;  
    use WordNet::QueryData;  
    my $word = $ARGV[0] or exit(usage());  
    my $wn = WordNet::QueryData->new;  
    my @senses = $wn->querySense("$word#n", "glos");  
    my $i = 1;  
    foreach my $sense(@senses) {  
      my $temp_sense    = join(",", $wn->querySense($sense, "glos"));  
      my $temp_synset   = join(",", $wn->querySense($sense, "syns"));  
      my $temp_hyponyms = join(",", $wn->querySense($sense, "hypo"));  
      $temp_synset =~ s/#\w#\d+//g;  
      $temp_hyponyms =~ s/#\w#\d+//g;  
      $temp_synset =~ s/_/ /g;  
      $temp_hyponyms =~ s/_/ /g;  
      print $i.". ".$temp_sense."\n";  
      print "Synonyms: ".$temp_synset."\n";  
      print "Related: ".$temp_hyponyms."\n";  
    sub usage{  
      print "\n\n\nUsage: ".$0." word\n\n\n\n";