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Free DID Numbers, Free Voip Calls and more Voip Info

Free DID Numbers, Free Voip Calls, & more Voip Info

Free Incoming DID numbers:

IPKall (FREE IP Calling with IPKall) (Washington State numbers: 206, 253, 360, 425) How to use: SIP URI Forwarding

NOT ACCEPTING NEW REGISTRATION AS OF 11/22/2008 SIP Number Free VOIP SIP Number with unlimited incoming minutes and can be forwarded to any SIP URI (Iowa State Numbers) Registration currently broken

NOT ACCEPTING NEW REGISTRATION AS OF 11/22/2008 Freedigits/Calldigits/Clickdigits/Officedigits/FaxDigits (All the same company) http://www.freedigits.com/ http://www.talkdigits.com/ http://www.calldigits.com/ http://www.clickdigits.com/ http://officedigits.com/ Fax Digits: Free Fax Service

NOT ACCEPTING NEW REGISTRATION AS OF 11/22/2008 Ring-To Number – Widget for MySpace, Facebook, Friendster profiles This service is a shared number, with an extension for each user. They claim that now though you can forward for free to your own phone number.

NOT ACCEPTING NEW REGISTRATION AS OF 11/22/2008 GrandCentral.com by Google (GrandCentral: The New Way to Use Your Phones) -You get a US number (just about any state) -You need an Invite -You need a US/Cad number to complete the verification -If you live outside North America you may need a proxy to complete the registration, or have a friend in NA set it up for you (mixed info on this) -You can set it to forward to up to 6 different numbers (US or CAD numbers only) -You can have it ring your Gizmo Number (1-747) -You can have personalized Voice messages for your contacts, by groups, individually, etc. -You can change the normal ring someone hears to an MP3 song (this has been limited to a selection now since Google bought them). -They have CallMe buttons, so someone can ring you up from the web: They enter their number, it calls them, calls you, and you are talking. -It is still in beta and everything right now is free. How to Use: Forwards directly to your US/Cad/Gizmo number

Acanac (Free Voip Service) Free Canadian DID numbers, offer has been available On and Off, worth checking if it is up…

FreePhoneline (FreePhoneLine.ca) -Free Toronto/Montreal Numbers (If not available, check the next day) -Can be set to ring either on your computer with their softphone, or forwarded to selected Canadian phone Numbers -Using their SoftPhone you can place free calls to select Canadian cities -For more discussion see: Other – FREE HOME PHONE LINE for the first 5000 Residents from Toronto or Montreal – RedFlagDeals.com Forums

Getting DID numbers to ring Your Current SIP/VoIP provider

  1. Some DID Providers (including the ones above) offer forwarding to your current SIP URI, YourVoipUsername@YourProviderProxy


  1. MySipSwitch.com Go to SIP Switch : Use multiple VoIP providers with one SIP phone, and create an account. Ignore the dialing plans, but go to the bottom of the Config Page when logged in. Fill out the provider info, and under ‘contact’ put where you want it to ring YourVoipUsername@YourProviderProxy

  2. VoXalot.com(Voxalot – Home) (Cost: Starting at $15/year) -You need to perform a SIP Registration -If you want the number to ring somewhere else (not VoXalot) use their forwarding features.

  3. PBXes.com -Although slightly complicated, it can achieve forwarding as well

Free Voip Access Numbers

SipBroker.com (SIPBroker – PSTN Numbers) See Making Voip Calls below for uses

Point One (SIPphone – Call worldwide over your Internet connection with any phone) -Call Gizmo/SipPhone and FWD users only

TPad Break-In Numbers (Get Free Tpad Number) -Call Verified TPad users

Note: All above can be combined as per guide below

WorkArounds: Make and Receive SIP/VoIP Calls from your Cell/Landline (No equipment needed) *note: you may want to read throughout this post for a number of free options before getitng started with a guide

Receiving Calls via VoIP on your regular PSTN Phone: People from around the world call a number local to them, then enter an extension when prompted which in turn rings your CellPhone or HomePhone.

There are now 4 options, all of which achieve similar results, but at different costs and qualities:

  1. Receive Calls from Around the World through a local number: VoXalot, MySipSwitch,PhoneGnome (Cost: Free) 2. Receive Calls from Around the World through a local number: VoXalot, PBXes, TPad, MySipSwitch, PhoneGnome (Cost: Free) 3. Receive Calls from Around the World through a local number: VoXalot & PhoneGnome (Cost: $15 after July 16th)

4.Receive Calls from Around the World through a local number: PhoneGnome and GTalk2Voip (Cost: Free) 5.Receive Calls from Around the World through a local number: PhoneGnome, VoXalot, PBXes.com (Cost: Free)


There is two things two consider with each setup (in my opinion), reliability and voice quality. This remains my opinion, but the paid VoXalot option (3) produces best results with both, unfortunately it is no longer free. The next best one is the current number (1), quality is rather good, and it is free.

Making VoIP Calls from your regular PSTN Phone

  1. To call any Voip User for which you have a Network Number (eg. a Gizmo/FWD/VoXalot/CallCentric number etc..): -Dial SipBroker Access Number local to you (SIPBroker – PSTN Numbers) -When prompted enter *SipCode (find here SIPBroker – Provider White Pages) followed by the network number. eg.*747-1747xxxxxxx

  2. To Call an ENum number or a Toll-Free number (a Toll Free number not reachable from your location normally) -Dial SipBroker Access Number local to you -When prompted enter the full number in Country Code-Number format for an ENum call (you can also use *013-Country Code-Number) -For North American Toll-Free Numbers simply call in *1-800-xxx-xxxx format -All other Toll Free Numbers, including NA Toll Free numbers can also be called in CountryCode-Number format

What numbers can I call for free via ENum: Any number that has an associated ENum record, search here: SIPBroker – ENUM Lookup

  1. VoIP CallThru: Make Calls via your favorite VoIP(SIP) Provider(s) using a local access number around the world

  2. VoIP CallBack: Use your favourite VoIP providers from anywhere in the world with CallBack Service

  3. VoIP CallBack: Software based CallBack (15 day Free trial, Cheap one time license)

Skype Solutions

  1. Receive Sip Calls in Skype: Sip2Skype: Receiving SIP Calls in Skype 2. Use Skype Remotely from your Mobile/Landline: Skype CallThru: Using your Skype Plan (Unlimited or Pro) Remotely to make calls form CellPhones and Landlines

Free Calls

Web Initiated

Earthcaller (Jaduka – Earthcaller Evolved) -It works directly form the web -Remember to enter the address with www in front -It seems it wants the number without the 1 in front -It needs to instal an ActiveX script -You need to use a Headset/Mic to talk from your computer

Click2Voice (Click2Voice – Call anywhere with any phone free. Free international calls.) -It works directly form the web -Enter your number and the number you wish to call -Each call lasts 10 minutes (no registration) 15 minutes (with registration) -Once the minutes are up you can always connect again for another 10-15minutes -Calls are limited to a list of countries, you and the person you are calling must be in one of these places -Naturally anyone can use Click2Voice as long as they can get a number in one of the supported countries (see the Free DID numbers sources) -You use your regular phone to talk

Software Based

ICall.com (iCall – Free Phone Calls) -Free US/Canada calling. -Uses a Skype-like soft phone. -The software is slighly glitchy so some patience is required. -As of late calls are supposedly limted to 5 min per call (but nothing stopping you from calling again once the first call is up for another 5 min)

Raketu (Raketu – RakOut with Raketu! – home) -Skype-like softphone. -Free calls to 44 countries, but you need to add $9.95 credit one time. -See Raketu – RakOut with Raketu! – new-rates -Software looks a bit clunky.

MediaRingTalk (Welcome to MediaRing Talk) -Skype-like softphone. -Promotion with free calling to 8 countries until November 30,2007 -Personally I couldn’t make any calls with them, when I tried.

Free Calls to Members’ phones

PhoneGnome.com (PhoneGnome – Free Calls to Regular Phones, Your Way) -You register your Home or Cell Number (assuming you are not buying a box from them). -You can make and receive free calls to Members’ phones in these Countries: Qualifying International Numbers -If you set up the software (SIP based), it’ll ring there, but your phone will also ring. -The call is free for the person placing the call. -The CID appearing (if using the cellphone) may or may not be local. -For info on how to dial see PhoneGnome :: HelpSideNote: For those of you that manage to verify GC numbers with PhoneGnome, to trigger calls to these numbers from the same acct use shortcode **466

Jajah.com (JAJAH – web-activated telephony) -Web based calling software. -Allows free calls between members with some country restrictions: JAJAH – web-activated telephony (check bottom of page there). -In order to use this, you must top up your account once in while (you’ll be able to call other members for free after having topped up the first time)

MobiVoX (MOBIVOX) -Local Access Number: Use from your Cellphone/Landline -Free Calls to other registered members’ phones -Supported countries for free calls: MOBIVOX -Rules for Free Calls: MOBIVOX -Free Calls from your Cell/Landline to Skype Contacts


Rebtel.com (Cheap international mobile calls — Rebtel) Geared towards mobiles. -You make an account. -You add a friend’s number. -It gives you a local access number to call that will ring your friend. -When the other guy receives your call, he sees a CID in his screen. -He has to pick up, then hang up within 10 sec and call that CID, while you wait on the line (if you don’t want to go through the hang up process, you gotta buy minutes from them). -Finally you connect and the call is local for both of you. It works with international contacts too. -Their Explanation: International calling explained — Rebtel

Talkster (Talkster free international calling) -No need for accounts -Enter your number, and your friends number -It gives you a number local to you for your friend, and a number local to your friend for you -Call your friend and tell him to hang up, and call you back on the assigned number while you wait on the line -Both of you are calling numbers local to you and talking to each other… -See their explanation Talkster free international calling or Talkie Video

Jaduka (Jaduka: Your web is calling!) -MyPrivateLine gives you a 1800 number + Extension that can be pointed to any US/Cad number -Click and Connect provides a web button which people can click to call you -Both include 60 minutes for free. -Can be used for free calls by pointing either account to the number you wnat to call.

TringPhone/VoXalot Combo (Free VoIP Calls) -Allows calling to VoIP destinations via SIPBroker and ENum -Allows calling to phone numbers of PhoneGnome Users and numbers supported by Gizmo BackDoor dialing

Closed Services: -Yak4Ever has closed down (Yak4Ever.com) -PrivatePhone from NetZero will be closing down on Dec 15 (www.privatephone.com) -PalCalls (PalCalls – SiliconScript, Inc.) -AIM PhoneLine(Get Awesome Long Distance Rates with AIM Call Out)

Cheap Calls/Rate Comparison/The Betamax Services

  1. There are a number of providers providing reasonably priced calls. Check here for rate comparison: My VoIP Provider – VoIP Services –

  2. BetaMax Services Betamax offers a number of services, that on first appearance look different, yet follow the same model. Keep in mind that transferring credit from one to the other is not possible. Their free calling lists change constantly, and they are different from one service to the next. When considering each service look for the following:

-Rates to the Country of your Choice -List of Free Countries -Credit Expiry Period -FreeDay Weekly Minute limit/FreeDay Expiry period -Can it be used with software -Can it be used with a SIP Device -Any WebBased services

Rate Comparison (amounts in EuroCents): betamax price comparison


Freecall.com Credit Expiry: 90 Days FreeDays: 300min/week/90 days Software: Yes SIP: Yes (sip.voiparound.com)

DialNow.com Credit Expiry: Never FreeDays: N/A Software: No SIP: NO Local Access Numbers: Yes (DialNow | Cheap International Calls) (This is meant to be used like a calling card)

12voip.com Credit Expiry: Never FreeDays: 300min/week/120 days Software: Yes SIP: NO (Reported billing problems)

IntenetCalls.com Credit Expiry: Never FreeDays: 300min/week/120 days Software: Yes SIP: YES (sip.internetcalls.com)

JustVoip.com Credit Expiry: Never FreeDays: 300min/week/120days Software: Yes SIP: No (sip.justvoip.com resolves, but reported that cannot make outgoing calls)

LowRateVoip.com Credit Expiry: Never FreeDays: 200min/week/30 days Software: Yes SIP: Yes (sip.lowratevoip.com) (Reported that SIP Calls are charged 3 euro cents higher than advertised)

Nettapel.fr Credit Expiry: Never Free Days: 300min/week/120days Software: Yes SIP: Yes (sip.nettapel.fr)

Nonoh.net Credit Expiry: Never FreeDays:300min/week/120days Software: NO SIP: NO WebBased: Yes (Works Similarly to Jajah)

Poivy.com Credit Expiry: Never FreeDays: 300min/week/120days Software: Yes SIP: Yes (sip.poivy.com)

SipDiscount.com Credit Expiry: Never FreeDays: 300min/week/120days Software: NO SIP: YES (sip.sipdiscount.com)

SMSDiscount.com Credit Expiry: Never FreeDays:300min/week/120days Software: Yes SIP: No WebBased SMS: Yes

SparVoip.de Credit Expiry: Never FreeDays:300min/week/120days Software: Yes SIP: Yes (sip.sparvoip.com/sip.sparvoip.de)

VoipBuster.com Credit Expiry: Never FreeDays:300min/week/120days Software: Yes Sip: Yes (sip.voipbuster.com) Mobile Access Numbers (Country Specific) : VoipBuster – Free Calls Furum: https://forum.voipbuster.com/

VoipBusterPro.com Credit Expiry: Never (10 Euro gets you the FreeDays Package and 5 Euro Credit) FreeDays: 300min/week/365 days (3.9 euro cent connection fee applies to all calls) Software: Yes SIP: Yes (sip.voipbusterpro.com) (This was their offer to compete with Skype)

Voipcheap.co.uk Credit Expiry: Never FreeDays: 300min/week/120 days Software: Yes SIP: Yes (sip.voipcheap.co.uk)

VoipCheap.com Credit Expiry: Never FreeDays: 300min/week/90 days Software: Yes SIP: Yes (sip.VoipCheap.com)

VoipDiscount.com Credit Expiry: Never FreeDays: 300min/week/120 days Software: Yes SIP: Yes (sip.voipdiscount.com)

VoipStunt.com Credit Expiry: Never FreeDays: 300min/week/120 days Software: Yes SIP: Yes (sip.VoipStunt.com) Mobile Access Numbers (Country Specific) : VoipStunt – The Other Free Calls Company

VoipWise.com Credit Expiry: Never FreeDays: 300min/week/120 days Software: Yes SIP: NO

WebCallDirect.com Credit Expiry: Never FreeDays: 300min/week/90 days Software: Yes WebBased Calling: Yes SIP: Yes (sip.webcalldirect.com)

VoipRaider.com Credit Expiry: Never FreeDays: Unspecified Minutes/week/120 Days (*in order to call a person in one of the free destinations, you have to add this person to your contact list ) Software: Yes SIP: Yes (sip.VoipRaider.com) (Reported issues with using SIP for calling, SIP calls are charged higher and calls that are supposed to be free may actually be charged when using SIP)

Note: Please be careful with Betamax services, they are known to have billing issues. Personally I would suggest paying with PayPal, and funding the PayPal payment with a credit card (giving yourself at least two dispute resolution possibilities, PayPal and your CC company, while avoiding having your credit card charged continuously)

Voip Networks/Free Hosted PBX Systems

1.VoXaLot: (Voxalot – Home)

VoXalot can be best described as a service aggregator. In a few words they let you put multiple services together, to create a custom VSP. They are not just a PBX, but rather a network on their own…

Free VoXBasic Service includes:

  • Incoming calls from SipBroker Access Numbers
  • Incoming calls via SIP URI
  • Incoming calls from DIDs forwarded to a SIP URI
  • Multiple Outgoing Providers can be registered (this supports most providers, except those that require SIP registration for placing calls)
  • Dial Plans or Smart Calling which lets you use the cheapest provider for each destination
  • Speed Dial List
  • Voice Mail (which can also be accessed from regular phones)
  • Automatic ENum lookup
  • Automatic Geo lookup for premiumnumbers in the UKand Australia (via e164.org)
  • Virtual Toll Free (A small script to let people call you from the Web: VoXalot can call their phones, at your expense, or their SIP URI and connect them to you)
  • Import/Export feature for Providers/DialPlans/Speed Dials to move them form one acct to the next
  • Can be used with any SoftPhone, ATA, and a number of VoIP enabled mobiles

VoXPremium adds the following extra features:

  • Call Forwarding based on Caller ID or Provider and Time of Day(send incoming calls to SIP URIs or Phone numbers, so you can always receive your calls)
  • Web CallBack (enter two numbers and the providers to use for each number and place a call, hence using VoXalot form PSTN phones as well)
  • VoiceMail on the Web
  • Incoming Calls from third party providers via SIP Registration (VoXLite: 1, VoXPro: 5, VoXExtreme: 10)

They also provide the SIPBroker service with 200+ donated access numbers around the world to call Voxalot and over 2000+ other SIP based VoIP Networks (millions of VoIP users) for free…

They are associated with (but do not run) the only ENum service open to the end-user, e164.org


They provide a hosted Asterisk based PBX service. Their interface remains faithful to the Asterisk interface in general, although it is much more user friendly. Their services include:

PBXes Free: The Free account notable limits are a 10 GB usage, and 2 simultaneous calls, with a 60 min cutoff, and the unability to post in the support forums. PBXes Premium: Includes a full on PBX including among others Fax as EMail,a full AutoAttendant and Que system, and CallBack access to your Trunks PBXes Pro: Is geared towards businesses, providing a hosted PBX which can be customized for various clients, including much of the same features as the Premium acct.

For a breakdown and description see: https://www4.pbxes.com/iptel_details_e.html

3.MySipSwitch (SIP Switch : Use multiple VoIP providers with one SIP phone)

MySipSwitch is a PBX service concerned solely with Call Routing. In avoiding the hadling of the actual audio stream their application runs much lighter. It is currently an R&D base being run by two technicians and sponsored by BlueFace.ie It provides the following fetaures:

  • Multiple outgoing SIP Providers
  • Outgoing Dial Plans
  • Multiple Incoming SIP Providers
  • SIP Registration unto a third party destination URI
  • A Call Routing facility handled via DIAL PLANS that has lately added support for multiple simultaneous call forwarding

Their service is new, and the interface is a bit raw, but their outlook looks promising, and used in conjuction with other PBX services, can contribute to a solid VoIP arrangement…

For more info see: MySIPSwitch Community Forums :: View topic – How to Use MySipSwitch

  1. LiberaILVoip (Partiamo con Libera il VoIP)

Their website is in italian. They provide the following services:

  • Incoming and Outgoing Provider Registration
  • Dialing Rules
  • Incoming Call Filters and Call Forwarding
  • VoiceMail
  • Gateway Access (CallThrough)
  • Call Back access to your provider rates (the only PBX service to offer this for free to my knowledge)

*Some limitations apply, will update when I have a better understanding of what they are

  1. GTalk2Voip (Voice-over-IP gateway for Google Talk, MSN and Yahoo Users) -Used in conjuction with MSN, Yahoo, GoogleTalk messengers -You create an account by simply entering your email in the home page -service@gtalk2voip.com (or something similar) adds you as a friend. -Open a Convo and type: MYPAGE -Click on the link for your account page -To CALL type commands on convo with service@gtalk2voip.com : SIP URI:

CALL user@provider.com

MSN: If email is username@hotmail.com then type


CALL username_at_hotmail.com@msn.gtalk2voip.com

If email is username@msn.com then type


CALL username_at_msn.com@msn.gtalk2voip.com

GoogleTalk: If email is username@gmail.com then type:


CALL username_at_gmail.com@gtalk.gtalk2voip.com

If email is username@DomainWithGoogleApps.com then type:


CALL username_at_DomainWithGoogleApps.com@gtalk.gtalk2voip.com

Yahoo If email username@yahoo.com then type:


CALL username_at_yahoo.com@yahoo.gtalk2voip.com

PSTN Type:


CALL 14161112323

(always type number in international format) PSTN calls are not free, but you can now add your own providers to GTalk2Voip, and the call will be routed through them. Otherwise GTalk2Voip routes through its own providers and requires you have a balance -When calling someone for the first time using the commands above, chances are it will not go through, but they will receive a notice that service@gtalk2voip.com has added them as a friend, if they accept, the second time you try they will receive a call from service@gtalk2voip.com -This works much smoother in GoogleTalk, rather than MSN (have not tested with Yahoo) -They assign you a number *018xxxxx, that can be reached by dialing SipBroker Access Number + *018xxxxx or *018xxxxx@sipbroker.com (SIP URI calling), in all this cases you’ll receive a call on your MSN/Yahoo/GTalk messenger -You can also get a DID number, forward it to *018xxxxx@sipbroker.com, and your MSN/GTALK/YAHOO messenger will ring when someone calls you -There is a generic Voicemail if you don’t pick up, or you can forward to a SIP URI and receive calls to your current provider -You can use them to IM people not using same messenger (Voice-over-IP gateway for Google Talk, MSN and Yahoo Users) -You can create your own WebCall button (it calls you via Voip, plus uses one of your providers to call the other party and connect you together, if someone enter an actual number though, you will end up paying for the call, but at VoIP rates) (Voice-over-IP gateway for Google Talk, MSN and Yahoo Users) -In Summary, neat to play around with. It is a raw framework for now, not very user friendly, but looks promising.

VoIP Networks/Other

FWD: Free World Dialup (FWD | Home) -Free Calling between Members on their Network -Can be used with their SoftPhone/Other SoftPhones/ VoIP adapter -IM other FWD members, SIP-Users, AIM/MSN/Yahoo/GTalk/Skype/ICQ (FWD | Help) -Call other Voip Users on other networks -Receive Calls from PSTN using access numbers (only 2 numbers really) -VoiceMail -They plan to be offering paid FWDout/FWDin service soon -From personal testing the FWD Communicator, and adding IM contacts from other networks is glitchy.

Gizmo Project/ SipPhone (Gizmo – A free phone for your computer / SIPphone – Call worldwide over your Internet connection with any phone) -Use with their SoftPhone/Others/Voip Adapter -More aimed at putting together IM and Voip -Free Calls to other members -You are assigned a 1-745 number (only valid within Gizmo, not from outside) -Can get a free 775 area code PSTN nummber (but requires a credit card and US adress) -Gizmo All Calls Free plan (Gizmo – A free phone for your computer – Help) If you have a friend that you regularly call or chat on Gizmo, once in a while when he/she is not on you can call their cell/home number for free. Both of you have to have Active status for All Calls Free -Claims to let you message and call MSN/GoogleTalk/Yahoo/AIM/Jabber/SIP users (this works some times and not others; from my experimenting MSN is the most problematic) -Is offering paid Outgoing Minutes/Incoming Numbers

TPad (Tpad – The Global Phone Network) -Free calls to other TPad users -Use SoftPhone/Voip Adapter -Gotta pay for outgoing calls to real numbers -Can receive calls from other Users, or by someone dialing Access Numbers + TPad number -Includes Voicemail Service -The biggest plus is their access numbers in countries where it is commonly hard to find one. -Mentioned in the WorkAround above for local calls to your Cell/Home from around the world

Feel free to make suggestions, comments or anything else you think may be useful. I will try to correct mistakes, and keep things updated.

BTW, this are some other services I am hoping to look into, but if someone already has experience with them, feel free to post a quick summary:

EMail to Phone Jangl Yoomba – Now you’re talking… Welcome

Mobile Phone (some include a Small APP) Truphone – Cheap & Free International Mobile Phone Calls Mobile VoIP http://www.nimbuzz.com/en/ iSkoot | Life on the go. fring — Make free mobile calls, IM with Skype, MSN Messenger, ICQ, Google Talk™, SIP & Twitter, AIM® & Yahoo!™ Cheap international mobile calls, texts and free IMs – EQO http://www.barablu.com/

SMS Initiatited Call bOKnow – Who will you bOK today? — Sexier than Phone Cards.

Web Initiated Call Talkety

Others SpinVox — Home page iotum™ | Simply Relevant™ jaxtr – link your phone Tokiva | Friends In Your Pocket http://www.hullo.com Conferencing | Conference Call | Conference Calling – Lypp RingFree (see https://rf.com/login/ ) Pudding Media TringMe – Web based Telephony TokBox: Talk to The World Home Office and Small Business Phone System – Toktumi Office Phone Service – Talk to me, Talktome. Blyk Dringg.com Ribbit – Silicon Valley’s First Phone Company Video Conferencing Yugma: Free Web Collaboration Forever — anytime, anywhere. Tephno Voixio