08 Feb 2009, 00:00

Flash crashes/hangs Firefox when switching to fullscreen

The best solution/workaround I found is to create an executable script (eg: start_firefox) with the following lines (1, 2):

#!/bin/sh<br />
export LD_PRELOAD="/usr/lib/libGL.so.1"

chmod +x start_firefox

Another solution is to disable the hardware acceleration in Flash (probably a bad solution):

  1. Right click on the embedded Flash window inside Firefox (flash video)
  2. Settings…
  3. go to the first tab
  4. un-check “Enable hardware acceleration”

Now you should be able to go full screen…

Here is the version of the software I was using.

  • Flash v10,0,15,3
  • Firefox 3.0.5 and 3.5.2
  • NVIDIA video driver 180.22
  • Kernel